Joan Landino Says Business CNC Machining Application

CNC Machining Application

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is a tool that takes digitalized data which has been prepared for a particular material and automatically controls and monitors it to reach the customized settings. The CNC machining is therefore the computerized process of removing layers of material from the intended stock piece to reach the required design.

CNC machining is a term that is mainly used in the manufacturing and industrial company. The process can be used in wood, plastic, metal, foam and composites. This method ensures that the shapes of the last stocks are all uniform and come in same size.

Step By Step Machining Process

Designing CAD model – The process starts with a making of a 2D vector or a 3D solid part CAD design that will be used in the machining process. The designer many opt to use the available CAD design software that will make him achieve the desired shape of the end product. The software will help produce the required technical specifications such as the recommended and desires dimensions and geometries of the end product. Once this stage is completed, it will go to converting or changing of the CAD file

Changing CAD file –   On this second stage, the CAD design is run through the computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software, which will help generate a code that will control the CNC machine and enable it to produce the required design.  It can either be G-code or M-code, but the most commonly used is the G-code. The codes controls how, when the machine should move and will also control when to switch on and off.  It will also control the speed and indicate which locations to go during the process.  Once the code is generated, it is then loaded on the CNC machine.

CNC Machining Application

Assembling  the CNC Machine – The third stage is where the operator fixes the work pieces on to the spindles, and attaching any necessary tool as per the setting including things like end mills and drill bits. He has to make sure all the required tools are on their right components. Once this is completed, the machine can then be operated.

Performing the Machining Process – This is the last stage where the machine is operated so that it can execute the job. This is where the CNC machining is initialized and it will follow the computerized commands and produce the last product in its required shape.  The CNC machine like CNC machining China can be used indoors if the company invested in one or it can be hired from companies that specifically deal with the CNC machines.