Joan Landino Says Tech Android Smartphones Can Be Hacked With AT Commands Attacks

Android Smartphones Can Be Hacked With AT Commands Attacks

A set of security researchers has found that Android tablets from 11 OEMs are susceptible to hacking attacks. This usually means that countless Android apparatus on the market are under the danger of AT commands strikes. AT controls also referred to as Attention controls, were initially designed from the early 80s for modems. This control is being used in the majority of contemporary smartphones to support functions. Although a few AT commands are standardized by regulatory and industry bodies, manufacturers and system designers in proprietary ways to access and control device functionality have also applied them. According to the investigators, all of the controls could permit an attacker to obtain access to the apparatus through the USB interface. So as to find the effect of AT control loopholes out, the investigators examined a selection of smartphones from sellers.

They shot over 2,000 Android smartphone firmware images to construct a record of 3,500 controls. These orders were implemented by them from 4 distinct manufacturers through connections across 8 smartphones. To exploit this vulnerability of the attacker needs to do is conceal the malicious material in chargers any charging channel or docks. Once the goal phones are linked with all the USBthe attacker may encroach the apparatus and also exploit the apparatus AT controls for actions. Some of the OEMs vulnerable to AT control strikes include Samsung Motorola, LG, ASUS HTC Lenovo, LineageOS, and ZTE. The sellers have been notified by the research team about the security flaw and have provided a listing of phone models and firmware versions that are exposed to AT controls threat. “We’ve informed each seller of any applicable findings and also have worked together with their safety team to deal with the problems,” the investigators say in the newspaper. In this analysis, the investigators also have employed Android mobiles as the control strikes via port on these devices. The researchers have also plans to conduct a research on Apple apparatus later on and research possibilities of AT control attacks through different styles of relationship like Bluetooth and also Wi-Fi. The analysis was completed by researchers in the University of Stony Brook University, Florida, and Samsung Research America. The investigators presented details of the findings at a paper contained in the Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium that was 27th.

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Android Smartphones Can Be Hacked With AT Commands Attacks

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