Joan Landino Says Game 3 stages of Competition Format of Premier League

3 stages of Competition Format of Premier League

The Premier League Cup is a football competition that was first created in 2013 and is run by Premier League for less than 23 sides. In the year 2016/17, the Under-21 Premier League Cup was replaced by the Premier League Cup.

The newly introduced competition is in the style of the UEFA Champions League that has 32 clubs in its main group stage. The League includes the teams playing away across the season and each other home, which are a total of 380 matches.

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No point is given for defeat, three points for a win, and one point for a draw, and the team that has maximum points, in the end, win the title of Premier League.

The competition format is in three formats which are discussed below:

Qualifying Stage

The Qualifying stage defines that if more than 32 clubs are entering the competition, there will be a knock-out stage between categories 3 and 4. This stage will determine who will join the Category 1 and 2 in the next stage, that is Group Stage.

Group Stage

This is the second stage where the tournament is split into different groups of four clubs. Eight groups are formed, and each team will play their contrasting clubs home and gone. Whosoever will be the top two teams and will go forward to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage

After the group stage, the third stage is the knockout stage in which the One-off knockout ties, which include the last 16, semi-finals, quarter-finals, and finals in the knockout stage. If the ties manage to level after 3 hours, that is 90 minutes; then they will go to extra-time and penalties will be taken if the teams are still not separated.