Joan Landino Says Business BOQI is under the profit levels with the partnership of Guanzan

BOQI is under the profit levels with the partnership of Guanzan

We all have heard about BOQI, which is one of the leading medical companies in the world. Recently, they have launched their financial results by 31st of March 2020. They announced it in a press conference with the statement that “In the first quarter we are happy with the results and this is one of those things that would surely help our business to grow with greater speeds. We all are considering it as a good start and hope so we will face some higher results next year. We all are much aware of this drastic world pandemic, which is actually destroying some bigger businesses, and there are many companies who went under heavy losses because of it. In the second quarter, we made some efforts in rising up the funds with the help of convertible notes and some other legacy energy business. These are some of the actions that would help our company to work over the capital parameters and increase up the capital needs of the company”.

Along with that statement, the chief executive and president of the company Mr Tideway mentioned that now after the first and second quarter now we are all set to enter in the third quarter of the company. In which we look for the expansion of the company largely and this would help us to make some better decisions for the company. He also mentioned that he, his team are constantly trying to make some bigger efforts, and they believe that one-day or another they will reach some bigger places and end up the year with some high bars.

The continued efforts of the company lead them to generate some greater profits as according to recent news; the company has made a total profit or revenue of about 426, 898 dollars until 31st of March 2019. The boom in their profit rates and schemes faced by the company when they merged up with the Guanzon Group got some improvement in the sales and in their revenues as well. The stand-alone revenue of Guanzon group is near about 1,706,396 dollars, which is quite a good amount for the company.


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